Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry constitutes a branch of chemistry dedicated to the exploration of the structure, characteristics, and reactions of organic compounds, characterized by carbon atoms forming covalent bonds. The examination of structure entails the determination of their structural formulas, while the analysis of properties encompasses both physical and chemical attributes, coupled with an assessment of their chemical reactivity to comprehend their behavior. Organic chemistry further delves into the realm of organic reactions, involving the synthesis of natural products, pharmaceuticals, and polymers, as well as the investigation of individual organic molecules through laboratory experimentation and theoretical (in silico) study.

The scope of chemicals scrutinized in organic chemistry encompasses hydrocarbons (comprising solely carbon and hydrogen atoms) and compounds rooted in carbon, yet also containing various other elements, notably oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus (commonly found in many biochemicals), and the halogens. Organometallic chemistry explores compounds featuring carbon-metal bonds.

Furthermore, contemporary research within organic chemistry extends to the exploration of other organometallic compounds, encompassing the lanthanides, with a particular emphasis on transition metals such as zinc, copper, palladium, nickel, cobalt, titanium, and chromium.

Areas of focus within this field encompass:

  • Functional Groups
  • Aliphatic Compounds
  • Aromatic Compounds
  • Heterocyclic Compounds
  • Polymers
  • Biomolecules

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